Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Down On My Luck


Up all night looking for Warren Zevon related videos on Youtube. I still don't know what the hell business he has bein' dead. Some people should be too sarcastic to die. I'm noticing how much his stuff all feels like the same body of work. Well, yeah, duh, but MORESO than most musicians, like it's different chapters of the same novel, a kind of magical realist fool's journey from romantic drug addict werewolf fuck-up to gettin' older and travelling the world and finally layin on the beach in Hawaii after your girlfriend dumped you for the Hula Hula Boys but finding a kind of black-hearted peace to, finally, death and dying and finding a measure of self worth in the face of the vast indifference of heaven.

It would start "Warren woke up early on sunday morning, roused to a kind of half-assed imitation of action by Mrs. Jambowski chasing a feral black Tom cat with a stick and swearing in Polish."

Anyway, the technorati widget wants me to "claim" my blog. Which I thought I already did. It's my fuckin' blog. So I need to do this link:

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