Saturday, July 7, 2007

Oh I get it!

Rhianna - Shut Up and Drive

It's about vaginas!!

Slip you in the dozens, you papa and you cousin

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls

You're much too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal/Suicidal
When you say it's over

The Jamaicanisation of American culture continues with this little ditty which is, like, the fifty seventh reggae tinged single introduced to pop radio this month. Are the Carribean people trying to infiltrate out culture and take the States over? It's a terrifyin' thought. If the research I just invented is correct, you have to... BY LAW!... lie around on the beach smokin' pot for AT LEAST four hours a day? None of our corporate middle managers would survive that kind of lack of pressure.

And I'm sure there would be a down-side to this, too.

Anyway, I like this jam. It would be the feel good hit of the summer if the major hook was about happy, happy bunnies having rabbitsex or somesuch instead of offing yourself. Anyway it's got a kind of laid back Chuck Berry's Havana Moon type a feel to it with it's slowed down Stand By Me riff, full of soul crushing longing and despair but the mellow type of soul crushing longing and despair.

Some lyrical stupidity towards the end mars this song a bit: I'm losing my mind, and I don't think it's clever doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense, although I suppose it flows better than I'm losing my mind and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! ELVES! ELVES CARRYING GIANT SPOONS ARE BUILDING CONDOMINIUMS IN MY PUBIC HAIR! AIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!

And, really, this tune is so damn SUMMERY that it might not have the same resonance when you're trying to find your car under six feet of snow in the middle of January, but right here and right now it's one of the highlights of summer music, circa 2007.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ah what the hell... Let's try this thing.

And let's see what's on the radio right now.

Hurricane Chris -
A Bay Bay

Really, I'm all for lyrical economy. But three years into the L'il Jon era I'm getting a tad nostalgic for hip hop songs with more than seven words, total. This is almost like "generic" rap, from the Dre style TWEE-eee-eee-eee sounding keyboard fill to the lyrics, which feel like rap bingo. A - 7 Chains! B - 7 Strippers! C-14 In DA CLUB!

Bingo motherfuckers! Just Got A Cadillac!

The best part is the background rapper who repeats A BAY BAY after the lead hurricane and sounds kinda like the Arnold from Different Strokes, which increases this tune's awesomeness factor by, like, 17.

I also kind of dig the ending where there's a bunch of cheering when the song's over. I can relate.

Justin Timberlake
- My Love

Y'know, if you were a tweenypop star and you were setting out to prove that your all grown up by talking about booties and sex and saying "motherfucker" 'n stuff... You should probably get a guest rapper with a little more street cred than than the Pilsbury Doughboy.

Just sayin'.