Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ah what the hell... Let's try this thing.

And let's see what's on the radio right now.

Hurricane Chris -
A Bay Bay

Really, I'm all for lyrical economy. But three years into the L'il Jon era I'm getting a tad nostalgic for hip hop songs with more than seven words, total. This is almost like "generic" rap, from the Dre style TWEE-eee-eee-eee sounding keyboard fill to the lyrics, which feel like rap bingo. A - 7 Chains! B - 7 Strippers! C-14 In DA CLUB!

Bingo motherfuckers! Just Got A Cadillac!

The best part is the background rapper who repeats A BAY BAY after the lead hurricane and sounds kinda like the Arnold from Different Strokes, which increases this tune's awesomeness factor by, like, 17.

I also kind of dig the ending where there's a bunch of cheering when the song's over. I can relate.

Justin Timberlake
- My Love

Y'know, if you were a tweenypop star and you were setting out to prove that your all grown up by talking about booties and sex and saying "motherfucker" 'n stuff... You should probably get a guest rapper with a little more street cred than than the Pilsbury Doughboy.

Just sayin'.

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